The Alaela masthead has been carefully crafted, to capture both a western and eastern feel. Our creative team creates ideas around content flow and context. We have created a number of publications for AOC across a wide audience. Alaela is aimed at retirees and AOC alumni. The key to the communications is bright, engaging text and imagery. A great deal of the material contains heartening cultural and human stories about life behind the employees. The strong editorial focus breaks the pace of the publication blending poetry with prose. The images play as much of a part as the text in creating an informative and enjoyable read. We have created a strong story based feel in the publications by using bold chapter pages, supported by full bleed imagery. Along with the standard brochure format, we have also introduced swatch type finishing techniques. All the imagery has carefully been selected from AOC to create a realistic yet quality feel. Diwan - A place to gather - Is a magazine geared towards learning within the Aramco environment, aimed at graduates and junior staff. The publications carry easy to read snippets, which help break up the read. The editorial content is informative, light-hearted and approachable - Encouraging a high readership. When creating layout templates, we have designed the page styles to be variable and interchangeable - Making sure the content works at a grass roots level.