Childnet | Animated smart adventure

Animated smart adventure


25 minutes of animation, teaching youngsters on how to stay safe online.

Motion / Animation

We love to get stuck into 3D animation, flash animation and motion graphics, not to mention the odd bit of sound creation.

We have more experience in graphic animation rather than traditional film material, but we also work with a number of reputable film partners to compliment our offer. Within the studio, we bring brands to life by creating an animated brand asset which can be used for titling or other film based stings. Our vast experience with the BBC and their motion needs has enabled us to deliver fresh work in this area.

3D Animation

3D animation and post production is a natural extension of our creative remit. We have created a number of productions, from corporate sales materials to a 25 minute animated kids educational feature. We have partial in-house capability, but are also able to scale up using selected and trusted partners. We provide the entire project infrastructure, from scriptwriting and animated traditional storyboarding right through to voice over and sound creation.

Motion graphics, titling and idents

The digital animated format of your brand will become more and more important in the future. As bandwidth grows, more online users will be inspired by rich immersive brand experiences. Film based brand stories and campaign work are vastly improved by a strong sense of identity. We create the title look-and-feel and any animated assets required to communicate your brand values in motion.


Frames (Chances) a second

To make a lasting impression.