icould | Website design and build

Website design and build


The digital identity and design of a web platform which enables the management and hosting of over a thousand career and life stories

Aquaterra | Website design and build

Website design and build


A mobile first community HTML 5 responsive website design and built for a charitable sports and leisure business

Aramco Overseas | Corporate communications

Corporate communications

Aramco Overseas

A range of internal and employee engagement communications, designed and produced with collaborative content

Sportingbet | Annual report 2010

Annual report 2010


The design and production of a fully integrated online / offline annual report

Aramco Overseas | Internal Comms

Internal Comms

Aramco Overseas

We have produced over a dozen editions of this monthly publication

Digital Publishing

As devices evolve and visual interfaces get sharper and more energy efficient, control of publishing within the digital domain becomes more and more vital.

The market, led by the rapidly growing use of tablet technology and publishing pioneers such as Kindle will continue to evolve, changing audience behaviors to such a point that by 2015, more than half of all magazine and newspaper content will be consumed within a digital environment. Finger-on-the-pulse buyers of design and communications will be ready to harness this powerful trend. Are you?

The evolution of digital as a aesthetic design platform

A short while back, online code mark up seemed to be at odds with the rest of the traditional design fraternity. Hence, the scourge and growth of Flash in websites. Fortunately, the good people behind web standards have encouraged browser platforms to evolve. Now, we can have bespoke typography, Flash-free video and all kinds of wonderful and useful stuff. It’s as if the digital medium has grown up and finally taken on the talents of a more established design aesthetic, distilled over 200 years of the printed page. Add in a potent mix of distribution platforms such as Apple’s iBooks and Adobe’s digital publishing suite, and the consumption of digital content suddenly becomes a very formidable concern.

And then there’s the technology

The Retina display at 326 pixels per inch has now superseded the quality we have been able to achieve in print. The Amazon Kindle’s Electronic Paper means you no longer have to charge your device daily to catch up on your daily commuter diet of news. No doubt, full colour electronic paper is just around the corner – And as with the television, it’s sure to get lighter and thinner and even more energy efficient. With highly evolved technology and crisp, rich design layouts; paper will look suddenly very arcane.

Our platforms

The choice of our house CMS, WordPress, is deeply rooted as a digital publishing platform. It’s extensive and intelligent use of category and tag management allows it to easily contextualise content, which enables us to create immersive and crosslinked published spaces. What’s more, its built upon a pleasant user experience – With power given to the editors and authors of content – Ensuring the ability to rapidly develop extensive digitally published environments. For offline reading and traditional distribution, we develop hyperlinked and navigable PDF format publications – Which use embedded and interactive rich media thanks to the Adobe Indesign platform.

Broadcast and digital campaigning

Digital communications have started to move beyond the domain of the spammer. It goes without saying that businesses deal with a large amount of people, from client contacts to suppliers. Services such as Twitter and Facebook have encouraged brands and businesses to form digital relationships with their audiences. Email plays a vital role in communicating with your audience from a relationship perspective. Tools we use, such as Mailchimp, have really evolved and now add the strength of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). With digital communications, we are able to segment your audiences according to sector, need or pretty much anything else and then deliver tailored and targeted messages to the respective group. It’s this strength of knowing your target audience which actually for the first time, turns digital communications into a ‘Warm’ channel.

Digital reporting

Along with digital publishing comes the more formal world of digital reporting. In the grand old days, most FTSE 100’s and PLC’s would release their financial reports and accounts in the form of a big heavy brochure. These days, interactive and audience driven websites enable your audience to get the information they need without the chore of dealing with a weighty document. Add in the functionality of streaming video, dynamic charting functions and user interactivity – And you can see why the digital report has become a dominant force. What is more, it’s quite easy and standard to support the online report with a PDF download centre, so the legal folk are catered for. We’ve created a number of reports designed to be navigated and read online – coupled with our understanding of legal compliance.


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