SGM | Brand & Visual Identity

Brand & Visual Identity


A fresh rebrand and look and feel for the largest learned microbiological society in Europe

The BHA | Responsive website design and build

Responsive website design and build


A website design and build for horse racing's governing body

DONG Energy UK | Offshore wind campaign

Offshore wind campaign

DONG Energy UK

A nationwide offshore wind campaign and online resource created for a multinational Danish energy company

Epigeum | Corporate website

Corporate website


The design and strategy behind Epigeums primary website

Sportingbet | Annual report 2010

Annual report 2010


The design and production of a fully integrated online / offline annual report

Bouygues UK | Online identity

Online identity

Bouygues UK

A visual identity and website build for Bouygues UK - A large construction business operating both nationally and internationally

Digital Media

What is digital media? It’s everything to do with creating design and technology in a virtual space. It’s a wide remit, but we got into it pretty early on.

Firedog has been exercising its creative noggin in digital from year dot. We’ve seen two bubbles and their subsequent mild deflations, but digital is not leaving the stage anytime soon. In fact, we’ve only just begun.

Digital strategy

This is the most fundamental and probably common requirement of any successful business today. Can you remember the time when a brand didn’t have an online presence? No, neither can we, but admittedly things move pretty fast when you are having fun! We are well versed in the solid production of online experiences – Our strategy is more structured than some. A lot of digital agencies talk about “Rapid and organic development” or even the jargon heavy concept of an “Agile scrum”. That translates to “We’ll sell you a box model, and work out a way to make you accept the standard features”. We like to get under your skin. Following the digital brand strategy, we draw up architecture diagrams and wireframe prototypes. If your creative agency can’t make it work with a diagram, you can be sure they won’t be able to build it, no matter what technical jargon they throw at you. Just think how blueprints and engineering lead to the impressive skyscrapers we see in our cities.

Digital design

Once we have the strategy and blueprint nailed down – we push the pixels of creativity. We begin by developing your digital brand if we have not created it already. The subsequent design process differs quite radically from our traditional print design processes – it’s all about aesthetic subtlety and all round best practice in usability. We create different digital environments and explore how the functionality inspires and informs the process. We also undergo user testing, making sure that our design supports rather than hinders the user experience. Where required, we work with usability companies, brought on board by the larger clients – getting involved in the applied science of eye tracking and all sorts of other geeky tools.

Interface design

Online and offline, desktop and mobile; the look of interfaces are best tackled by digital creativity. This doesn’t mean we relegate your engineering team to the basement. Not at all. It means we work together to give you aesthetic design, clear usability and functionality. Our digital design team have a deep understanding of the rules of usability and accessibility and how these apply to a multitude of platforms.

Digital build

We don’t pretend to be a development house. We build good CMS based corporate sites with all the latest publicity and content tools. We can also provide comprehensive xHTML build kits for your development teams, which ensure that there is no creative loss in translation. But we’re not going to build you a back office CRM system within our studio – that’s where we bring in a partner. Together with partners, we’ve built complex sites and portals, intranets, social networks and online strategy games.

Digital publishing

Digital publishing is the building of websites designed to communicate a large amount of content over a repeat period of time. It’s a pretty large area of design, so have a look at our digital publishing page to find out more.

Digital marketing, publicity and social media

We are tooled up in marketing your brand online. We work with social media consultants and PR partners to generate buzz and news about your brand and align these stories to hard hitting creativity. We also advise and assist in SEO and PPC campaigns in order to increase your site traffic post launch. You can find out a little more about our advertising capabilities, by looking at our campaign abilities.

3D conceptual visualisation and post production

Using industry standard tools, we have in-house capabilities for rendering ideas in three dimensions. These elements can be coupled with imagery for some impressive campaign work and animation. Merging imagery, 3D forms and other graphic elements is called post production – the post coming from “after the shoot”. We like to create unique visual identities by really exploiting our kit.


Planning phases

In an average digital project, before we even think about design and code. Strategic thinking gets you the results, saves you time and is kind to your bottom line.