BBC | 6music visual identity

6music visual identity


The design and creation of more than 30 show page interfaces, representing the individual character of the presenters behind the radio station

Inition | Responsive website design and build

Responsive website design and build


Website redesign for a pioneering interactive production company and emerging technology provider.

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BBC | Headroom Identity

Headroom Identity


Engaging and approachable brand created for BBC's pioneering social initiative

PriceRunner | Brand identity

Brand identity


Digital brand identity for a fast growing and well known product price comparison website

Imperial College | Hub HTML5 app

Hub HTML5 app

Imperial College

The design of a fully responsive HTML5 based web application, geared at providing students with centralised information, access to programme teams and a space to collaborate.

Bouygues UK | Online identity

Online identity

Bouygues UK

A visual identity and website build for Bouygues UK - A large construction business operating both nationally and internationally

Digital Branding

No, it’s not about the design of websites. Digital branding is the traditional application of branding theory to the 21st century popular medium that we all know and love.

Both our branding and digital branding projects begin with similar stages. They both start with strategy and research, leading to brand icon design (logo) followed by the visual look-and-feel creation; coupled with strategic messaging (hard hitting copy). With the subsequent stages in digital branding, the client’s business has a natural bias to digital delivery. Think technology companies, or one of our largest clients, the BBC. We’re pretty sure that within ten years, all businesses will market this way.

Strategic digital thinking

With digital branding, our strategic concerns are about building brand equity through digital platforms – starting simply with your business positioning and your web architecture but then leading into elements such as the ubiquitous Social Networking mantra, digital publicity content and how to seed your brand message.

Digital identities

When it comes to the brand design, our intent is to create an identity that is geared for digital delivery. It doesn’t mean it’s glossed up to death circa Web 2.0 – rather, it’s designed to render well online: At small sizes, such as a favicon, as a channel endorsement, as an animated identity sting. Unlike cramming a brand designed offline into your technical needs – our idents are created, from scratch, fit for purpose.

Digital look-and-feel

The look-and-feel stage with digital branding concerns your interface to the world. Think of it as the Apple Mac experience when using an iPhone. It has a certain aesthetic and a visual brand feel. It may be your software interface or your international online portal. Not too long ago, you either had your brand agency busk a design for this or your digital agency would put something together, but overlook your key value proposition. This is where the Firedog creative product dominates the field.

Digital delivery

From this initial phase, we talk about deliverables. They are always different for every client. We often put together digital guidelines or we may collaborate with your development partner to complete the project. You might also want us to take care of the delivery, which also fits within our capabilities. Have a look at our digital capabilities for more information.


Of Firedog branding projects

Where the design of the online visual identity plays the lead role in application of the brand language.