Aristocrat | Product campaign

Product campaign


A high impact campaign using bespoke imagery to excite and inform a business to business audience

BBC | Max & Lara’s adventure book

Max & Lara’s adventure book


A richly detailed illustrated publication designed to encourage parents and children to read together

Lewisham College | Course Guides

Course Guides

Lewisham College

Along with creating the visual idenity for the college, we have also produced a number of course guide materials

Aramco Overseas | Corporate communications

Corporate communications

Aramco Overseas

A range of internal and employee engagement communications, designed and produced with collaborative content

Sportingbet | Annual reports 2008/2009

Annual reports 2008/2009


Earlier reports that we completed on behalf of Sportingbet

Geo | Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure


A bold image rich piece of print communication for one of the UK's leading fibre businesses

Design For Print

A well designed piece of print will always carry a sense of kudos and value. Although we carry on about the importance of digital, the Firedog studio has also cut its teeth on a healthy diet of hard copy creative.

We have a wide portfolio of print work under our belt, with the majority of design created within the brochure format. In corporate communications, it’s always important for businesses to carry credibility with a strong printed piece. It also works really well in a space where people just don’t have the time to mess around with technology. It’s immediate and doesn’t need the latest version installed. Print can be super effective in the sales process, getting people hooked on its tactile appearance. A trade show or exhibition is a key example where it works best – as your competitors are fussing over USB keys and CD disks, which may just get forgotten by the wayside, a conceptually led brochure speaks volumes about your business.

Brochures and printed communications

The brand staple of the 20th century, still has an important role to play in the business world of today. Tactile is the name of the game here, if you are going to do it – do it well. We specifically like to work with heavier stock and a great imagery concept in order to get your audience impressed, straight from the first touch.

Tactical marketing and direct mail

Sometimes the best way of making a lasting impression is with a really well targeted tactical campaign. We have produced a number of effective campaigns which have demanded attention and generated strong results. The rule of the game is to keep your list small and the value of your individual item high.

Exhibition and promotional material

We often develop trade show materials in support of our branding projects. These communications quickly separate the wheat from the chaff in your consumer’s eyes. It’s very important to get your key statements across. Visibility and a strong impression are the keywords here. Sell, sell, sell!

Print production

While a lot of clients tend to manage their own print these days, we can still help you through this process. We work with a roster of very capable suppliers and always seek to put projects through a tendering process so that we secure the best deal for our clients.


We have always been a visually arresting agency. A core asset to raise the creative bar is the use of great photographic and illustrated imagery. We have worked with the finest photographers and illustrators in creating visual narratives. We enjoy a large photo shoot, but can also work within the confines of stock if the budget demands.


Coupled with your targeted brand messaging, we can provide more bulky copy for your printed communications – either created from scratch or lighter editorial styling. We work with a roster of sector related specialist writers, to ensure that our communications are on brand and relevant.


Printed projects a year

On average – Rendered as brochures, publications and printed brand communications.