Lewisham College | Visual identity

Visual identity

Lewisham College

Fully integrated visual identity for South London pioneering vocational college

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Charles Street | Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Charles Street

A hyper-real visual language supports this telecoms technology brand identity developed for a pioneering provider

Geotate | Brand identity

Brand identity


A crisp global brand identity for an emerging gps software technology

BBC | Blast identity

Blast identity


An extensive brand identity - Fully integrated, covering everything from vehicle livery to promotional gear to digital animation

Ennera | Brand identity

Brand identity


A bright and contemporary visual brand identity for a sustainable and renewable energy company

Neon Underwriting | Brand identity

Brand identity

Neon Underwriting

Firedog created a dynamic underwriting brand identity for Neon, resulting in a completely different, fresh identity within the Lloyd's trading environment.

Brand Creation

Is brand creation making a logo? No, it’s far more expansive. It’s your entire window to the world. Best make sure it’s as good as it can be.

Brand creation is coming up with your entire visual identity, from the nib of our pencil to the fuselage of your Boeing. (From here on in, we talk about traditional branding – for branding with a digital bias read up on digital branding. We think that, while the development of brands is okay, we love to create brands from scratch. And without sounding vain, we are rather good at it too.

Brand strategy

With brand strategy, we take your distilled business essence and expand it into a navigable creative roadmap. We run workshops with brightly coloured pens and giant post-it notes, mapping out your vision and business goals. If required, we create a framework designed to understand your audience, establishing a research program tapping into key customer behaviours which inform the strategic and creative process. We speak to both the people that love you and the people who think less of you, cross referencing their perceptions of your brand. We dissect your competitors who are gunning to steal market share from you. All this work is then fed back to you, in a well designed recommendations document, outlining key milestones and project objectives.


We continue the process, writing up your vision, business positioning, value proposition, and your mission statement and carefully align them to your goals, but also to the perception change that is required with your audience. You can find out a bit more by reading up on our strategic capabilities. We set your tone of voice and the spirit of your future communications, so that your brand personality is consistently styled through copy.

Brand identity

This is the creative industry term for the visual manifestation of your business. Mostly, it concerns the design of the brand itself (logo) and the supporting look-and-feel identity, in short, the visual assets which support the logo (how we use imagery, typography, symbolism and so forth). Because our creative team are empowered by the brand strategy and have a clear idea of the end application, our identities are powerful catalysts in communicating your company’s values.

Brand look-and-feel

The term “look-and-feel” has admittedly been inspired by our digital creative – but we believe it’s pretty clear for branding too. With this stage, we develop a unique and memorable visual language, designed to stick in the subconscious of your audiences mind. If the brand identity is the attractive face of your brand, the visual look-and-feel is the trendy threads it decides to wear on a night out. We engineer a potent mix of typography, colour and imagery to make your identity cut through. There are more creative steps within this process, but we don’t want to overwhelm you. Rather, chat to us to find out more.

The roll out

Once you have your fantastic identity – it can be rolled out to all kinds of online and offline materials. There’s a few ways to skin a cat. We’d love to help you here and we help numerous clients with their ongoing materials. If you need to bring in other partners, we can create an in-depth spirit and brand guideline book for you, ready to be used by your teams and suppliers. In regards to what else we can do to market your brand, have a look at the remainder of our capabilities.


Brands created

In the Firedog studios, Nurtured from an embryo of an idea, creative grit, and a collaborative client relationship