Pure conceptual creativity

Right from day one, Firedog has been creating, developing and marketing brands both online and offline. We’re like the lovechild of brand meets digital.

We are known for our intuitive ideas and strategic planning for both creative disciplines – and in today’s market, there’s little point in separating the streams. You’ll find that you face the same issues in building a brand and building a digital identity. Think not of your digital as technical nuts and bolts stuff, think of it as your opportunity to push your brand to the world.

Conversely, the world is less interested in old school brand applications; starting from right now, more and more of your brand identity will be digitised. Here is one way of looking at it: How long will you be carrying your own personal identity in the form of a paper passport?

The beautiful smell of fresh ink on paper

Everyone loves retro too though, let’s not forget. We have created a formidable portfolio of work in design for print. Whilst we’re not pushing it right now, its still part of our effortless creative process. Most of our brand work contains roll out design for print – brochures, corporate communications and reporting, and any other brand collateral. Even with digital reporting, clients still like to send out a limited press run. So yes, we do enjoy print.

What else gets the Firedog magic?

The combination of our strategic skills behind branding and our technical prowess with digital opens up other creative avenues. We are also talented in creating brand building integrated campaigns, strategic messaging, animation/motion design, interface design and obviously websites.

So you are an integrated agency?

Well, yes and no. As stated in our values, we stay true to what we are good at. Clients have become a lot wiser to the con of a “Full service agency”. Do you really want to deal with a dozen account managers who don’t really care whether you succeed or fail? If you need sharp conceptual creativity across offline and online, coupled with astute strategy and clear messaging – we are your team. But no, we don’t have a PR department, a media buying department, a film crew and a gorilla that plays the drums. We do, however, work with partners should the need arise. Thankfully you’ll find they are just about as talented as we are.


A little more about our capabilities

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