Designed to work with you

The collaborative nature of our relationships is the foundation of our outstanding creative.

All clients have a dedicated Firedog account team and all work is reviewed by both the Creative and Design Directors. You’ll still get to meet the whole team, and if your direct contact is away, somebody else will step in with up-to-date knowledge on where your project is in the life-cycle. That’s the beauty of a boutique operation.

We build our relationships on the right balance between face-to-face meetings and collaboration tools. If we get the smallest whiff of a concern/issue, we will be straight down to your offices to have a chat around a cup of tea. We don’t believe in festering problems.

Sharing knowledge and ideas

We know all of us like to work differently, but great achievers understand the importance of sharing knowledge, ideas and energy. Follow this simple logic and both client and agency benefit from the results. It’s this collaborative approach to design that brings out the best in everyone, and most importantly the design team who work the magic. Your input is integral to the creative process and if the information flow dies, the creative dies – it’s the fuel that keeps the fire burning. It’s not that we expect you to do the work; we just like you to have ownership. With ownership comes excitement and passion – these are all good things.

Why do our clients come back time and time again?

Because we listen. Because we challenge. Because we work together in partnership with each and every client. It’s this appreciation of our shared abilities which gets us up in the morning. It’s the formula that allows us to deliver great work, consistently. We like to think of ourselves as a dynamic extension to your team. We also believe that we are a pleasant bunch of people to work with. We don’t live our lives in a precious creative bubble. We’re not a group of artistes sitting in an ivory tower, admiring our own reflections. We strive to have open and honest relationships. A superficial business style kills authentic creativity and without creativity and ideas, what value would we add?


of agency turnover

Is created via ongoing relationships with existing clients. Firedog is built on a core team of permanent staff which ensures consistency, quality control and a cohesive creative delivery, time and again.