An altogether better experience

At Firedog, we value your business opportunity right from day one. As a smaller tailored operation, we believe in the equity of partnership.

We’ve heard many stories from a number of clients relating to their past experience of working with a creative agency. They are completely bowled over by an outstanding agency pitch – slick, memorable, brilliant. They meet the Managing Director, the Creative Director and an experienced Account Director. Having totally bought into the sell, the project is commissioned and the A-Team is never to be seen again.

This is where Firedog is different. We offer a first-class consultative service from start to finish and the people you meet at the beginning, support you until the end – with a few other team members helping to ensure a seamless delivery. Our clients rightly demand top level strategic thinking during the creative process and we deliver this consistently across all our project stages.

Driven by insight

At Firedog, we like to listen. It should be the backbone behind a consultancy, yet surprisingly, a lot of agencies fail at this basic level. We immerse ourselves in your challenges. We bug you until you’re sick of our questions. We learn as much about your industry, business and objectives as we can – your competitors, your target audience, the project deliverables, what you do and don’t like. Sometimes a personal insight from a client can be the key to a whole project. We’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to a wide spectrum of industry sectors. We believe this is a distinct advantage for our clients as we always bring something fresh to the party. Whatever your industry, we make sure we understand your vision one hundred percent. Our goal is to build strong relationships with each of our clients based on trust, transparency, dedication, clear communication… and let’s not forget a little bit of fun!

Agile, with grace

Larger agencies can often be sluggish and imposing in structure and processes. Firedog is conscious that in today’s dynamic market conditions, time is of the essence. We run a tight ship to ensure work is moved between the teams as efficiently as possible. We are nimble and flexible in our approach, despite having thorough processes in place for to ensure our high levels of quality. With consistent resource scheduling, we make sure we turn around work to meet your deadlines, not to suit ours. We relish a good challenge and we concentrate on not just getting one project right, but your whole account. We’re a little old fashioned in that way – our pride in your business means we are in it for the long haul.



That offer a more comprehensive and collaborative creative partnership.