Simply different

Working with Firedog is a refreshing break from the norm. Like most leading London agencies, our body of work speaks volumes about our creative capabilities. But, that’s where the comparison ends.

We like to collaborate. We get you. Unlike your quintessential design cliché, we don’t worship ourselves and we don’t live in a shiny creative bubble. In fact, many of our clients think we are a little too modest when it comes to talking about ourselves. So, we are starting right now. With you.

Teaching brands new tricks

Like a young kid with a tweed jacket and a monocle, we blend old fashioned business ideologies with razor sharp contemporary thinking. We bring the established skills of brand creation to a digital era. Not so long ago, brand touch points consisted of vehicles and uniforms. No-one can deny that in the age in which we live now, your shop window of old has now evolved into your virtualised identity. Your brand ‘avatar’, so to speak.

Firedog thrives in the space between brands and digital experiences. We call it digital branding. Strategic branding agencies may flirt with digital. Digital agencies will probably respond to your query about brand positioning with a look of bemusement. We blend the two together. From insightful strategy to pixel perfect, our purpose in life is to create and render brands for a digital world.

And just what is a Firedog?

A Firedog is a combination of two formidable forces. On the one hand you have the fire: the blazing, fierce and intense nature of original conceptual creativity. On the other, the dog: the loyalty, warmth and authenticity of our client support, not often experienced with agencies of our calibre. You can find out more about our brand story by unearthing the ‘origins of Firedog’.

When it comes to the team behind the brand, there is a tangible quality behind dealing with Firedog people. Think of it as the ultimate boutique creative experience. Why not try it for yourself?


Epic years

Keeping ourselves quite busy, but always pushing the boundaries of design convention.