Firedog manifesto

Firedog is an energetic and talented creative agency, set centre stage in London’s Hoxton Square. Our core skills focus on branding and digital, and in particular, the areas where they meet. We blend intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently delivering powerful results for our clients. And most importantly, our business is built on a foundation of warmth, heart and an all-round positive attitude.

Put simply: Great work created by genuine people.

Our business values

We believe the most constructive and dynamic business relationships are built on a shared system of beliefs. Here are the values that we live and breathe, day in and day out.


With our approach to creativity, we are more than mere decorative – we are cerebral. We are driven to develop equitable creativity that challenges you and your audiences. It commands a memorable experience. It makes you stop and think. Our work is not mass-produced, throwaway or cheap.


We consistently push ourselves and fly the flag of creative innovation. We are happiest when we are being creatively stress tested. When it comes to our end product, we always seek the road less travelled. We make a point of challenging the team, always aiming to make our latest play the strongest.


We are no shrinking violets. We are not big fans of minimalism. We are fresh, we are vibrant. We have an attitude and are, at times, creatively unpredictable. We relish change and how new technologies throw up new challenges. If we could turn the dials on our desktops to eleven, we most certainly would.


We make no bones about who we are. We have no need for airs and graces. We are straightforward and we know, even as creative people, we still have a commercial role to fulfil. What is more, we are transparent, honest and to the point. We believe this brings out the best in relationships.


We are loyal, friendly and approachable. We make a point of conducting our business with integrity. We seek to build creative partnerships with companies who appreciate trust and collaboration. We also have a sharp sense of wit and like to bring an upbeat approach to the table.


We are driven and tenacious. Once we commit ourselves, we are driven to deliver. And then some. We believe in our capabilities and in our ability to guide our clients towards their goals. We work hard to make sure every moment is our finest hour.

The origins of Firedog

We are often complimented on our own brand (which is always nice for an agency in the branding sector). The Firedog represents a creature, perhaps mythical to some – but very real to our team and our business. It’s a hybrid entity, formed of two species that when merged present a formidable force.

The Andiron in action

Image credit : Pearson Scott Foresman / Wikipedia

The fire represents dynamic creativity, the magic. Wild and mystical, it breathes and it spreads. Uncontrolled, it can be unpredictable and dangerous.

This is where the dog comes in. The dog is the controlling element in the relationship. Committed, loyal and compassionate, it frames and brings out the best in the fire.

To put it simply, our creative product is represented by the fire and our relationship management style is represented by the dog. But like the Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy – the two forces are naturally present in all our people – resulting in a singular, united and focused team. This is the passionate yet sincere Firedog experience that our clients consistently enjoy.


And if you find yourself thinking that we have created an elaborate brand legend, take note that it is inspired by a real object. A Firedog is an andiron, a classical home feature found in the hearth or fireplace, first invented in the bronze age but used right up until Victorian times. Its core use is to support a fire, raising it from the floor and allowing it to breathe and thus creating a superior energy and warming force. So, we think that’s quite a nifty little story right there!