Death of the Hipster?

Once hailed as pioneers for subverting the norm and challenging the status quo, are Alan Ginsberg’s “angel headed hipsters” now in jeopardy? When their trademark skinny-jeaned, thick-rimmed glasses and over-sized jumper image is repeatedly reflected in the shiny windows of mainstream labels like H&M, ASOS and Primark, it’s looking that way. Does this commercialisation result in some form of dilution and, if so, are the “original” hipsters a dying breed?


London Design Festival 2013: Our Favourites

ldf_2013_guides_mapsWith the aim of promoting London as the creative capital of the world, last week saw the 10th London Design Festival take place. Featuring over 300 events, the team at Firedog attended a good handful.

Engage your own audience, utilise your own data…because the media doesn’t care

Free our activistsOver the last week, I’ve been surprised about the lack of airtime given to the capture of 30 Greenpeace members by Russian authorities.

Having  just listened to the morning news confirms that it’s a non-story. The capture doesn’t feature amongst the top stories on the BBC news website, yet the stories “why do people lie about their age” and “GTA V gamers warned about bug” do!

Where the Music took Us: Illuminating The Barbican


Seen us on the Tube yet? We hope so. We are immensely proud to reveal our work with the largest performing arts centre in Europe, The Barbican. Forming part of a three year campaign, The Barbican asked the team at Firedog to convey the emotional experience of attending a classical music concert at the venue. We were only too keen to undertake the challenge.

The full Barbican case study can be found here: