E-cards: saving our planet but destroying our souls?

2013-12-20 17_23_22-Moonpig - Personalised Cards - Birthday Cards - Greeting CardsThe debate over physical vs digital cards is particularly revived at Christmas time. Sticklers for traditional pen and paper harp on about the sentimentality of receiving something tangible. Those in favour of E-cards realistically point out that after Christmas, physical cards only add to the unnecessary clutter in our lives. So, which is best?

Seminal screens at Print Club London


Inky yet inspiring, our recent trip to Print Club London left us pretty hyped up about screen printing. With Christmas fast approaching and screen prints proving a popular gift choice, here’s a bit more information about the technique that became Andy Warhol’s signature style. What’s more, we show you how to make your own prints at home.

All we want for Christmas: where we’re heading this December

‘Tis the season to be jolly. If you’re anything like us, though, streets saturated with panicky shoppers and their sizeable goods evoke anything but merriment. As Christmas is the season of goodwill, we thought we’d share our favourite – and much less crowded – places to soak up the Christmas spirit.

BaUJIFDCcAEtyWFStarting with the shopping, there are a few places that always provide a refreshing alternative to the high street. While the Columbia Road flower market flourishes every weekend, Christmas Wednesdays on the street don’t disappoint either. For the eighth year running, the shops of Columbia Road will be opening on Wednesday nights in December. Around 40 independent outlets display vintage fashion, off-beat artwork, original homewares, quirky trinkets and delicious deli goods. An almost Dickensian atmosphere is created with the street’s luminous shop windows and carol singers.

Working at Firedog: ex Firedoggers have their say…

“In just one year at Firedog, I learned more than in my prior three years at university”, claims Sebastian Housden, while Ross Davison describes social occasions at Firedog as “legendary.” From our passion for hard, honest work to having a little fun and letting our hair down, the Firedog team has always had spark.

Our key business values reflect our conviction that the most constructive and dynamic business relationships are built on a shared system of beliefs. We aim to take an intelligent yet adventurous approach to creativity, thriving on the challenges thrown our way. Want to hear more about what Firedog alumni have to say? Spanning almost a decade of creative input, these ex-Firedoggers recount their experiences.



Work hard, play nicely

When the cat’s away, the mice come out to play. The Firedog translation? When the workload eases off slightly, the old dog likes to learn new tricks. From tree-swinging to silkscreen printing, greyhound racing to days out sailing, Firedog reveals its boundless sense of adventure. Over the years, the dog’s legs have been sufficiently stretched (in some cases literally!) with a plethora of exciting ventures.


The antithesis of fire, many team activities have involved water. Maybe this is because the dog’s heart lies with arch nemesis Aquacat. Or maybe, it’s simply because Cliff loves water. In August, Firedog tradition dictates shutting up shop for a day and heading to Cowes for the town’s annual sailing festival. This is one of the longest-running regattas in the world and offers 40 daily races, up to 1,000 boats and around 8,000 competitors, as well as live music and cocktail parties.