The Credible In-Guide to Shoreditch & Hoxton

Here at Firedog, we like to keep you up to date with what’s happening around Shoreditch & Hoxton. It’s been our home for over 10 years now and we felt it was about time we shared our local knowledge.

A trip east is like no other in London. Every corner of the city has its own vibe, and the north east is known for being at the forefront of creative thinking. Trends are known to start here, and the locals are a collective of offbeat individuals whose street style cause ripples across the whole of greater London. From numerous recording studios, design agencies and art galleries, people flock to this hub of inspiration looking for new ideas and to stretch their imaginations.

So, seeing as we loved it enough to stick around for this long, we felt it was about time we offered up our favourite spots so as our friends could experience the wonders of east London for themselves. We wanted to present this in a way that did this area justice, reflecting both the epic design ability contained within the Shoreditch triangle, but also the fun seeking attitude of its residents.

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December 2012

V&A Hollywood Costume exhibition

About two weeks ago I headed over to the V&A to see their ‘Hollywood Costumes’ exhibition. I’ve been chomping at the bit to go ever since it opened, and jumped at the chance of free entry thanks to a friend’s corporate membership.

Going to an exhibition out of hours is always an odd experience. The attendees ranged from the suited and booted to the fake-spec wearing creative types, but generally all were of the young professional variety seeking a little free after-work culture (and a bar of course).


on that ASDA Christmas advert…

I’m not normally one to get involved in an advertising debate. Working within the business, I can usually see both sides. I know the usual to and fro between a client and the agency and how an ad ends up the way it is. But occasionally an ad turns up that strikes a nerve, and in this case it’s the new ASDA Christmas campaign.

I know what they’re trying to get at. Mums are usually the driving force behind Christmas, that is realistic. And ‘ASDA mums’ is one of their key marketing techniques so it’s fair that they want to play on that. They’re trying to compliment and praise the women who make the magic happen for their families. And I commend that.

However…This ad just manages to miss the mark. Showing the woman running around doing all of the work, cooking, cleaning, domestic chores etc without a finger lifted to help. As Gail Parminter from Madwomen puts it ‘Whilst the ad praises mum, Asda is clearly quite happy to rely on and reinforce the traditional stereotypes of woman’s role in life – presented here as being the sole one in charge and doing all the work at Christmas. ‘

This is what I find really difficult about the ad. It enforces a negative stereotype, setting the woman’s role back about 50 years. And although there are still elements of the realistic here, how can we honestly expect change if we continue to enforce this through advertising?

The same can be said of the marketing of many domestic products. It is not wrong to show women in these adverts, but unless we start to close the gender gap and showing more equality then our stereotyped roles will remain.


Cider drinking in Sweden!

Friday 26th October brought the opening of the Rekorderlig Pop-Up

Forest Bar on Brick Lane, a temporary takeover of the Brickhouse venue in the old Truman Brewery, promoting their fruity Swedish cider. My friends happened to have a spare ticket so, being a fan of cider (although less so of forests) I agreed to go.

We were advised to turn up between 6 and 8 so we headed there straight after work. Unsure what the dress code was for an indoor forest, we were a mix of work dresses and cosy jumpers, hobbling over the cobbles in high heels. Totally unnecessary as everyone else had the good sense to wear trainers. We hadn’t realised how literally the term ‘forest’ would be taken.

Brand evolution for the Royal Academy of Engineering

Firedog has recently completed a full brand refresh project for The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAeng), Britain’s national academy for engineering and technology.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary as a progressive body, the Academy was looking to evolve their visual brand identity. The main aim was to reflect on the academy’s heritage and achievements, as well as embrace its future plans and ambitions through the new identity.

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October 2012