Where are all the digital ladies?

We’d like to hear from all females working in digital creative teams – lets hear you say heyy!! .. heyy!!. .. It’s true to say that despite there being a proportionate amount of men and women in the world, our digital creative teams seem to lack the female presence.  Why is that?  Anyone know?

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May 2011

20:50 at the Saatchi Gallery – Still impressive


I went to the Saatchi gallery on the King’s Road again this weekend and was thrilled to see that the room was fill of oil again. Not something one would normally be happy with, but in this case its Richard Wilson’s 1987 masterpiece, 20:50 – Aptly named from the grade of recycled oil that makes up the bulk of the work.

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May 2011

Firedog celebrates in style

It was nine whole years ago that Firedog was conceived and all the magic began, so in true Firedog style, we donned our fancy dress and had a party! We had a loose brief of dressing up as nine year olds, but were allowed to freestyle a bit. Animal tattoos, odd glasses and weird hair do’s were all the rage..

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May 2011

Happy Birthday to Firedog! Nine today… all day.

FiredoggyWell, time certainly does fly. Firedog was ignited exactly nine years ago to this day in 2002. It all started on Andrew Philp’s lounge table in Wimbledon village. Back then it was just the one iMac, a PC and two eager designers with not much of a network. A couple of projects with BMG and Channel4 got us going, before Fraser joined us and we moved to Soho. We are off to lunch today – All dressed up. The theme? Dress like a nine year old. Natasha will follow up with full post and images soon. Here’s a toast to all the clients and past team members who got us to where we are today. Thank you!

Managing and Creative Director, digital music nut, traditional pen and paper fan yet loves all things clickaty blinky


May 2011

Old and Famous lovely Letterheads

Just came across with this nice little blog plenty of old letterheads, and this is not all, they belong to important an representative people that we all know.
All graphic designers love too see and touch printed materials, and imagine if behind each paper there is a long and interesting story to know about.

Check them out…Charles Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra and even Hitler. Lovely!

Have a look at the rest of the images

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May 2011